Reliable taxi service

Our professional and friendly taxi drivers provide you reliable taxi service. We operate 24/7 in Kuopio and Jyväskylä.


Book a taxi


Book a taxi via Kyyti App. Kyyti is available at Google Play and Apple App Store.

Kuopio and Kuopio Airport

Book a taxi by calling
0200 111 01
(1,25 € / answered call + 0,25 € / 10 sec. + local network charge)


You can pre-order a taxi free of charge. If you need to arrive your destination before 8 am, we recommend you preorder a taxi the previous day before 8pm.

Taxi fares

Taxi fares are based on kilometer rate, which is determined by the number of passengers. Base fee is included in every taxi drive and is based on when you travel.

Base fee

  • 5,00 € – on weekdays 6am to 8pm, and on Saturdays and Eves from 6 am to 8 pm.
  • 8,00 € – outside the times mentioned above

We have two tariffs

Passengers €/km
1-4 1,75
5-8 2,15

Waiting fare is 50 € per hour. Waiting fare is valid, when taxi waits for the customer or when the taxi drives exceptionally slowly for example due to traffic.

Extra charges

Luggage charge 2,80€ – when you travel with big luggage or with pets

Assistance charge 15,70€ – when a customer requires assistance from point of departure to a taxi and from taxi to point of arrival and when a vehicle is required to be equipped with accessories for the disabled

Stretcher charge 29,20€ – when stretchers are needed for the transportation of a customer

VAT of 10% is included in prices above.

Payment methods: Cash, debit and credit cars, Taksiliitto’s card, Savon Taksidata’s card

Call: 0200 111 01
1,25 € / answered call + 0,25€ / 10 sec. + local network charge